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What Is The Job Of A Personal Injury Lawyer?

It all starts with you determining what type of lawyer you need.

Personal injury is an aspect of the law that has several sub-specializations to it. If you were in an accident that caused you to land in a hospital and be out of a job for months, then you need to find a lawyer who specializes in injuries caused by vehicular accidents. If someone slandered you at work and caused you to lose your job, then you need to find someone who has experience in slander and emotional distress cases.

If yours is a purely vehicular accidents case that caused a chain reaction in your life, finding a personal injury lawyer should be easy as there are many lawyers that specialize in it. In finding a lawyer, you can use Google or you can use websites like FindLaw. The good thing about Google is that you can cast a wide net to find a large number of choices. You can start by searching “personal injury lawyer” or “accident lawyer” plus the name of your local area.

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How To Deal With Personal Injury Lawyers

If you did just that, you will see that there are three types of results that you can choose from: the paid advertisements, Google local search results, and the regular results.

Paid advertisements can tell you exactly what to expect from a lawyer since most ads directly post what the lawyer specializes in and how much experience he has. Local search results, on the other hand, give you the brief on which lawyers have the highest star ratings and client reviews. As for the regular search results, you will see the different third-party websites that also feature local lawyers.

You might want to list down at least three different lawyers and do research on them. Search for the name of the lawyer on Google to see what cases they have handled and how many cases they have won. When you are done, go to the star bar association website to check if there are any complaints against the lawyer. Most complaints often involve non-payment of dues, so take a closer look at what the complaint is all about before making any judgments.

Once you are done doing your preliminary research, it’s time for you to meet the lawyer in person. Before setting up an appointment, though, make sure to write a case journal and gather all the documents you have on hand. The lawyer will use this as a basis to fully determine the scope of your case and what compensation you are entitled to from the insurance companies.